How to Connect with Your Kids


When Brenda, my wife and I were engaged. She had several girlfriends, who were married with babies. Brenda loved visiting these wives with babies. During our visit, these babies always seemed to need their diapers changed. Brenda would volunteer. Then, she’d ask me if I wanted to help. My answer [...]

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Fatherhood Research on Why Dads Matter


Fatherhood research on why dads matter Download and read various articles discussing fatherhood research and its impact on families. Quality research informs fatherhood academically and with giving advice to fathers. We are here to give you the help you need and give you advice for helping the dads around you. Use this post to [...]

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Family Devotions: Helpful Tips and Resources


Dad, you can lead your family. Use these helpful tips and tools for family devotions. Help for leading your family devotions: Get the family ready for family devotions by getting them comfortable in the family room or around a table (drinks, snacks, and bibles encouraged). Open with humor and then take prayer requests [...]

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Man up: Research on the Importance of Fatherhood


Newsweek’s cover story on the importance of fatherhood week lamented the “man-problem” in America and did so as if the only problem facing the American male is lack of access to paternity leave from work. Did lack of paternity leave prevent iconic television dads Andy Taylor or Heathcliff Huxtable (whose wife worked) from being [...]

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Creating A Safe Space For Courageous Conversations


What an opportunity for husbands and dads to take the initiative to encourage and equip your families during this volatile time of racial tension in America. Every family can do this. Some may want to do this alone or several families may want to gather at someone’s house. This could be another ‘home church’ [...]

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How to Communicate Better With Your Son


Knowing how to communicate better with your son isn't always easy. Think about the last conversation you had with your child. Did you walk away feeling closer to him, or did it raise your blood pressure by a few points? Was your child smiling, or looking for something else to do? Or was he [...]

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Real Men are Warriors


Real men are warriors. You are charged with the duty of pushing back against the evil that seeks to prey on your wife, daughters, and sons. If you don’t step up, who will? It began as a shopping date with my daughter Laura, who was 13 at the time. I never dreamed it would [...]

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12 Vows Every Godly Single Father Should Make for his Family


As a single father, have you ever considered any of the following questions: Do I hold fast to solid, biblical virtues? As a single father, what levels of excellence am I representing when it comes to raising my children in Christ? Am I ready and willing to stand before God and rise to a [...]

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Why Championing Fathers is Important


Championing fathers is vital. In this interview, Mitch Temple, Executive Director of the Fatherhood CoMission, interviews me on "Why Fathers and Championing Fathers is Important". This interview took place at the Fatherhood CoMission Summit in 2012 at Winshape Retreat in Rome, Georgia. Here a few professional highlights about myself before you listen to the [...]

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