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Who We Are

The Fatherhood CoMission is an inter-connected group of ministries, organizations, and individuals that champion fatherhood. The CoMission networks, serves, and inspires leaders and influencers around the importance of fatherhood, celebrating God’s design for dads as noble difference makers in their families, their churches, their communities, and the world.


Looking for Help, Dad?

You’ve come to the right place because we know the right people! Check out our Partners page to connect with ministries that can help you with your questions or concerns about fatherhood. You can also find great blog posts, podcasts, research data, and links to stories about fatherhood on our Resources page.

Important Fathering News


Discover great insights from scientific research about the state of fatherhood.

Pop Talks

Check out these ongoing conversations around important topics. Think TED meets DAD!

The Dad Dare

The ability to connect better and build meaningful influence with your kids (no matter their age!) begins with one bold question.


Learn from fatherhood champions in content from Fatherhood CoMission gatherings.