What Drives the Fatherhood CoMission?

The Fatherhood CoMission champions organizations that serve fathers who are seeking to lead their families and communities prayerfully, as guided by God.

By serving, networking, and inspiring fatherhood ministries and leaders, the Fatherhood CoMission champions those coming alongside everyday dads looking for resources, events, and organizations that can help guide their efforts to be the fathers God has called them to be.

We view fatherlessness as the heartbreaking cultural evil of our generation and vow to raise awareness that every child needs and deserves a loving, involved, committed, and intentional father or father figure in their lives.

We champion those who champion fatherhood. 

The Word of God is our foundational guide as we:


We began with a movie … fittingly about fatherhood.

In 2011, ministry leaders around the country began rallying around the Kendrick Brothers’ new movie Courageous, which vividly portrayed the importance of engaged fathers in homes. Conversely, it also highlighted the epidemic of deep woundedness due to fatherlessness and the complexities around healing. Ministries around the country came together, discovering they were not alone in their calls to serve families by helping equip, guide, and lead fathers and children to healing.

Striving to maintain that momentum and unity, the Fatherhood CoMission was born. Since then, more than 300 national, regional, and local ministries, along with countless fathers and families, have benefitted from the collaborative efforts of small and large ministries dedicated to championing fatherhood.

By working together—sharing successes, challenges, and opportunities—efforts have been multiplied, enhanced, and blessed. Sharing strategy, resources, relationships, research, and stories of God’s faithfulness has allowed fatherhood ministries to develop, grow, and thrive through collaboration, association, and deep friendships.

Now in our second decade, the Father CoMission continues to grow and expand its reach to millions of fathers all over the world by serving, networking, and inspiring fatherhood leaders.