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Married to Barbara for 48 years. Proud dad of six and their spouses. Papa of 26! Follower of The King of kings. See more at
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10 Ways to Leave a Godly Legacy as a Dad


  A number of years ago a Christian leader spent years building an effective ministry. On the surface, it appeared that this man’s ministry was overwhelmingly successful. Unfortunately, this man sought to “win the world” and neglected his wife and family. The question for you and me is: What will our legacy be? Here are [...]

10 Ways to Leave a Godly Legacy as a Dad2022-11-11T12:54:03+00:00

Real Men are Warriors


Real men are warriors. You are charged with the duty of pushing back against the evil that seeks to prey on your wife, daughters, and sons. If you don’t step up, who will? It began as a shopping date with my daughter Laura, who was 13 at the time. I never dreamed it would [...]

Real Men are Warriors2022-07-05T11:57:08+00:00

Stepping Up as a Dad


Stepping up as dad isn't always easy. I realized I needed to be intentional in raising my children. Fortunately, I had a good model: my own father, Hook Rainey. A few years ago, my son Ben and I had the opportunity to go to a World Series game in St. Louis. It was awesome [...]

Stepping Up as a Dad2022-06-14T10:42:52+00:00
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