12 vows every godly single father should make for his family


As a single father, have you ever considered any of the following questions: Do I hold fast to solid, biblical virtues? As a single father, what levels of excellence am I representing when it comes to raising my children in Christ? Am I ready and willing to stand before God and rise to a [...]

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Courageous fathers: a talk about championing fatherhood


Courageous fathers: an interview on the importance of championing fathers. This interview was conduction at the annual Fatherhood CoMission Summit in 2012 hosted at Winshape Retreat Center. The interview includes Mitch Temple, Executive Director of the Fatherhood CoMission and me, Stephen Kendrick of Sherwood Pictures & Fatherhood CoMission Board Member. My hope is you [...]

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Modesty: How a dad can talk to his daughter about modesty


How dads can talk to their daughters about modesty. What can dad teach his daughter about fashion? Great question. As the founder of Pure Freedom Ministries, a ministry aimed at encouraging moms and daughters. I team up with Teresa Coelho, creator of the "Power of Modesty Fashion Shows," to talk about teaching girls to [...]

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Stepping up as a dad


Stepping up as dad isn't always easy. I realized I needed to be intentional in raising my children. Fortunately, I had a good model: my own father, Hook Rainey. A few years ago, my son Ben and I had the opportunity to go to a World Series game in St. Louis. It was awesome [...]

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FamilyLife articles on fatherhood


Find several helpful FamilyLife articles on fatherhood with tips from folks like Dennis Rainey and Jim Mitchell: Fanning the Flames of Faith (Dennis Rainey) Building a simple fire pit in the backyard was key in building up the spiritual condition of our children. Barbara and I have been blessed with six children. Sitting in the [...]

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