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Glenn is a popular speaker for a wide variety of groups and actually enjoys speaking more than writing because it provides a closer connection and interaction with the audience. He enjoys speaking to both secular and Christian campuses on issues related to faith, culture, sexuality, family and gender. He also spends much of his year speaking to congregations on similar topics, with a deep passion for helping God’s people gain a smarter and more practical understanding of how various family and cultural issues and our Christian faith intersect.

Man up: Research on the Importance of Fatherhood


Newsweek’s cover story on the importance of fatherhood week lamented the “man-problem” in America and did so as if the only problem facing the American male is lack of access to paternity leave from work. Did lack of paternity leave prevent iconic television dads Andy Taylor or Heathcliff Huxtable (whose wife worked) from being [...]

Man up: Research on the Importance of Fatherhood2022-07-05T16:22:02+00:00

What Fathers Do: 5 Things You Didn’t Know


Knowing what fathers do is important. As we celebrate Father’s Day, we should recognize that fatherhood is not merely a sentimental role, but a profoundly practical one as well. Fathers do far more than put food on the table, teach us to ride a bike or take us to our first baseball game. Fathers [...]

What Fathers Do: 5 Things You Didn’t Know2022-07-05T16:21:49+00:00

Why Dads Matter (and Moms Don’t Toss Babies)


It's important we know why dads matter. In the passenger lounge of the Kansas City airport some years ago, I saw the most amazing thing: an infant flying up above a dividing wall, levitating for just a second, then dropping back down behind the wall. I couldn’t look away; it happened again. And again, [...]

Why Dads Matter (and Moms Don’t Toss Babies)2022-07-05T11:59:21+00:00
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