Pop Talk: The 3 R’s of Sticky Stories


  Several years ago, Stanford University did a study where a particular professor took two of his classes and gave the same basic information, except for one major difference. That major difference was, in one class, he fed data and in the other class, he fed stories. The goal was to see which class would [...]

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“Is This Where I Come to Get A Dad?”


  The emptiness caused by absent fathers is real. I was staffing our information booth at a neighborhood fair on a warm Summer evening in August when I was approached by three teenagers. They were not wandering aimlessly. They clearly were on a mission to speak to someone at the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative tent. Two [...]

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Fatherhood Research on Why Dads Matter


Fatherhood research on why dads matter Download and read various articles discussing fatherhood research and its impact on families. Quality research informs fatherhood academically and with giving advice to fathers. We are here to give you the help you need and give you advice for helping the dads around you. Use this post to [...]

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Iron Sharpens Iron Articles


Iron Sharpens Iron: articles for fathers Download various articles from Iron Sharpens Iron from over the years, used with permission of Iron Sharpens Iron, Copyright © by Iron Sharpens Iron. All rights reserved. Dads and Their Temper (DOC Download) It Takes A Dad (DOC Download) Men and Family Devotions (DOC Download) [...]

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