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Pop Talk: Vital Keys to Discipling Men


I’m a product of men discipling me. As a young believer, I had men who met with me and personally invested with me. These men didn’t simply invite me to a Bible study, but they took time to walk me through the Christian life. They helped me learn and submit to the Lordship of Christ. They helped me learn to pray and to live by faith—to give me an appetite for God’s Word.

I was so blessed, frankly, I thought this was normal—that everyone had this. As I got out of that environment, I learned that it was not the norm. But I was stirred by it; because I had seen it happen in my life. I had seen it happen in other men’s lives. Men were intentionally helping other men. This is the definition of making disciples.

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Keys to Discipling Men

In my early years, I served in ministry with the Navigators. I was fortunate to be in the military ministry where we were investing in men. It was in that military ministry on a submarine base that I saw the camaraderie of like-minded men, men who were in a missional community. They were advancing the Kingdom of God right there on that base.

I would eventually get married. Barb and I started to raise a family and I became involved with a ministry called Promise Keepers. Promise Keepers was a missional gathering of men who created a generation of godly men. Men were giving their lives to Jesus. Promise Keepers had its season, then we served a ministry called Iron Sharpens Iron around 2000. My goal was to minister out of my life story of growing in Christ, being discipled by men, and being part of the movement of Promise Keepers.

One of the things that worked well was a conference ministry whose goal was to equip men. The big idea was, when you build godly men, everybody wins. Iron Sharpens Iron became a conference specifically for men. But we’ve always understood, when we are speaking to other men, we’re also ministering to men’s wives, children, and grandchildren.

When we build godly men they’re not just constituents—they’re leaders and influencers. Why? Because God designed it that way. What we do with Iron Sharpens Iron; whether it’s in a conference platform, using the Internet, or Zoom—is keep our focus on building men one by one.

When you attend a conference, you get the tools, training, and tips that help you move from good intentions to good execution. The guys who attend a men’s conference already have good intentions, but they aren’t necessarily executing well. Iron Sharpens Iron gives men the tools, tips, and training guys need to disciple others.

Today, I encourage you to do what Jesus did. Serve guys one on one and in small groups. When you equip men to do their job and help his kids walk with God, you are tapping into the design of God and you’re doing it in such a way that it will be replicated for generations to come.

I have five kids who were all close in age. Over breakfast, I would read my Bible and talk about it with them. Deuteronomy 6:4-7 for example. I would talk about God’s Word as we sat at home as, as we walked, when we woke up, and before bed. I would open God’s Word and I would talk about it. As the new generation of Doyle’s begin to come up, the kids have a clear model to live by for the next few generations.

You can do this too. You don’t have to attend seminary. You simply have to have a Bible and be willing to read it. It’s the same with discipling men. You don’t have to have some great teaching experience. All you have to do is be available. Spend a little time with a guy who needs help. Invest in an individual man in such a way that he can invest in another man. That’s spiritual multiplication—that’s spiritual reproduction and that’s what Jesus did—make disciples.

Lord, would you help the men who may read this post or watch this video today; that they would step out in faith, and would be spiritual reproducers in the home and then outside the home in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.