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Brian is the National Director of IRON SHARPENS IRON (ISI). He has thirty years of experience laboring for Christ throughout the New England Region. He has served with The Navigators on campuses, military bases, and in the professional communities of five of the six New England states. The goal of IRON SHARPENS IRON is to equip local churches to train men for spiritual leadership in their homes, churches, and communities.
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My Dad Has Anger Issues: Where, When, and With Whom Do You Get Angry


My dad has anger issues.  This is what I hear in working with fathers all of the time. But, here's the question: Where, When, and with Whom do you get angry? Think about it! At our men’s conferences, we surveyed over 5000 men regarding their greatest temptations, and 42% of the men surveyed listed [...]

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Iron Sharpens Iron Articles


Iron Sharpens Iron: articles for fathers Download various articles from Iron Sharpens Iron from over the years, used with permission of Iron Sharpens Iron, Copyright © by Iron Sharpens Iron. All rights reserved. Dads and Their Temper (DOC Download) It Takes A Dad (DOC Download) Men and Family Devotions (DOC Download) [...]

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