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5 Helpful Resources for Leading Your Kid in Bible Study


Thankfully, church leaders and parents have a lot of options for Bible study curricula for children. Some come from larger publishers, while others can be downloaded for free online. The key is ensuring the children’s Bible study curriculum you use connects with kids and helps them become more like Jesus.

5 Resources for Leading Your Kid in Bible Study

Knowing about Bible studies for kids can help strengthen the partnership between church and home. That partnership usually plays out in two ways. First, the best children’s curriculum has a component that follows up what happens at church with something at home. It could be a handout or devotional, or some other supplemental tool. But it allows parents like you to know and reinforce what’s been taught at church.

Second, the best children’s Bible study curriculum recognizes that parents are the primary spiritual mentors of their kids. This means that parents can let their kids be a part of the study because they are confident that the content aligns with their family’s core values.

Below is a list of five strong resource providers for kids. If you’re not familiar with the list, reach out to your children’s minister or another church leader and discuss each line’s pros and cons. And if your church isn’t using one of these, find out what is being used and how it compares. As a leader/parent, you’re invested in your child’s spiritual life, so be sure you’re plugged into the children’s Bible study curriculum your church has chosen.

#1 Lifeway

Lifeway has been creating Sunday school and small-group resources since 1891. And that includes a diverse selection of children’s Bible study curriculum options. The company’s three traditional lines for kids are Explore the Bible (book-by-book), Bible Studies for Life (topical), and The Gospel Project (chronological). Earlier this year, Lifeway also introduced a new digital line of a curriculum called Hyfi, which focuses on building connections with the church and nurturing a culture of belonging.

#2 Group

Another long-time publisher in the children’s Bible study curriculum market, Group Publishing emphasizes relationships and experiences through its materials. With several lines to choose from, Group challenges learners to dig into Scripture and find ways to apply its truths so spiritual transformation can take place—across childhood and across a lifetime.

#3 Orange Kids

Orange Kids has a study called 252 Kids. This resource provides a holistic educational experience for children that also reaches into the home. In fact, Orange Kids is committed to connecting homes and churches through every resource it creates.

#4 Answers In Genesis

Answers in Genesis is part of a larger strategy to reach the entire family. While the curriculum is age-graded, it aligns with adult resources. This encourages families to work through Bible together during a four-year span as part of a church’s Bible study program. Another unique feature of the Answers in Genesis curriculum is its four-year homeschool curriculum.

#5 Manhood Journey

Manhood Journey has resources that are especially for dads and sons. Whether it’s our 1-on-1 studies or small group guides, the content can help you connect with your kids in powerful ways. These aren’t traditional Sunday school materials but Bible studies that can transform your family.

There are many additional options for children’s Bible study curriculum, and this list isn’t ranked, but these are all solid resources that can make a difference in the spiritual life of your child. Again, connect with the children’s ministry leaders at your church. Ask questions and dig into the strategy behind what’s being used and why. Share what is important to you as a parent when it comes to the church’s role in helping your kid grow closer to Jesus.

You are the primary spiritual leader of your kid, but the church can be a valuable partner in the journey.

 Portions of this post originally appeared on Manhood Journey’s Blog where you can find even more helpful resources.