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Dr. Shuler is the President/CEO of BLR: Building Lasting Relationships. He and Brenda have been married over 37 years. They conduct marriage, men’s, women’s, and singles seminars internationally. In 2020, he and Brenda were presented 2019 FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway Speakers of the Year Award. Dr. Gary Chapman and he speak together at The Five Love Languages, Date Night and Life-Changing Cross-Cultural events. They’ve written two books together. His newest book is Finding Hope in a Dark Place. Clarence speaks to youth, college students and singles about friendships, dating, biblical sex, pornography and sexting. His Maximizing Difference (diversity) training in constant demand. He’s authored 10 books.

How to Connect with Your Kids


When Brenda, my wife and I were engaged. She had several girlfriends, who were married with babies. Brenda loved visiting these wives with babies. During our visit, these babies always seemed to need their diapers changed. Brenda would volunteer. Then, she’d ask me if I wanted to help. My answer [...]

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