About Michelle Watson-Canfield

Dr. Michelle Watson is a psychologist with a full-time clinical counseling practice in Portland, Ore. She is particularly passionate about counseling and mentoring teen girls and young women, which she has done for more than 35 years. Michelle is the author of the book Dad, Here’s What I Really Need From You, and a public speaker who addresses topics like body image, faith, healing, and relationships. She is the founder of The Abba Project, a ministry dedicated to strengthening father-daughter relationships. Learn more about Michelle by visiting her website, www.drmichellewatson.com.

The 10 Worst Things a Girl Dad Can Do


10 worst things a girl dad can do As a girl dad, you know that staying the course with her through every phase of her development is easier said than done, right? And let’s be honest, when she was younger and used less words, she was a lot easier to track with. But then [...]

The 10 Worst Things a Girl Dad Can Do2022-03-22T12:25:48+00:00

Dads and Daughters: How Dad Can be a Daughter’s Hero


Dads and daughters: how a dad can be his daughter's hero. In this interview with Focus on the Family, we explore the depth of the father/daughter relationship, offering encouragement to dads and practical ways to connect with daughters. With stories from my ministry to dads as well as my own bond with my dad, [...]

Dads and Daughters: How Dad Can be a Daughter’s Hero2022-07-05T16:22:38+00:00
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