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Dr. Michelle Watson is a psychologist with a full-time clinical counseling practice in Portland, Ore. She is particularly passionate about counseling and mentoring teen girls and young women, which she has done for more than 35 years. Michelle is the author of the book Dad, Here’s What I Really Need From You, and a public speaker who addresses topics like body image, faith, healing, and relationships. She is the founder of The Abba Project, a ministry dedicated to strengthening father-daughter relationships. Learn more about Michelle by visiting her website, www.drmichellewatson.com.

25 Things a Daughter Needs from Her Dad


  Do you feel confident you know what a daughter needs from her dad? Even though I’m not a researcher, I actually did some of my own data collection for my first book that I know you’ll love! Because I want you as dads to reap the benefits of hearing from girls and women who [...]

25 Things a Daughter Needs from Her Dad2022-04-01T19:36:45+00:00

How to Damage Your Daughter in One Easy Step


As you can imagine, when men hear that I specialize in the dad-daughter relationship, I often experience one of two things: 1) I’m asked challenging questions that come from deep places of confusion, hurt and/or frustration with his daughter…or…. 2) Proud fathers pull out their phones and show me heartwarming [...]

How to Damage Your Daughter in One Easy Step2022-02-16T19:45:34+00:00

Dad and Daughter: Helping Her Find Her Voice


I’ve heard it said that communication is seven percent words, 38 percent tone of voice, and 55 percent body language. If you do the math, you’ll see that this means that 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. How’s that for significant?! This little statistic serves as a reminder that as [...]

Dad and Daughter: Helping Her Find Her Voice2021-12-09T19:50:44+00:00

How to Talk With Your Daughter About Gender


One of the things I’ve come to appreciate about men over the past twelve years of leading dads of daughters in The Abba Project and interacting with men at conferences is this: Ya’ll shoot straight and you want clear answers to your direct questions! Case in point. Here is an [...]

How to Talk With Your Daughter About Gender2022-07-05T17:50:44+00:00
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