Fatherhood Research on Why Dads Matter


Fatherhood research on why dads matter Download and read various articles discussing fatherhood research and its impact on families. Quality research informs fatherhood academically and with giving advice to fathers. We are here to give you the help you need and give you advice for helping the dads around you. Use this post to [...]

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Free Guide: Helping Dads Discuss Racism


Discussing racism is vital given the current climate in our country. We want to offer you a free guide for helping dads discuss racism. What an opportunity for husbands and dads to take the initiative to encourage and equip your families during this volatile time of racial tension in America. Every family can do [...]

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Family Devotions: Helpful Tips and Resources


Dad, you can lead your family. Use these helpful tips and tools for family devotions. Help for leading your family devotions: Get the family ready for family devotions by getting them comfortable in the family room or around a table (drinks, snacks, and bibles encouraged). Open with humor and then take prayer requests [...]

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Celebrate Dads: Watch these Videos as a Celebration of Dads


We need to celebrate dads! In a culture that never celebrates dads—we should. Where can we look for good fathers? We can't look to television for a good example. We can't look at many places these days. However, when it comes to finding good fathers—there are some companies that get it right. There are [...]

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12 Vows Every Godly Single Father Should Make for his Family


As a single father, have you ever considered any of the following questions: Do I hold fast to solid, biblical virtues? As a single father, what levels of excellence am I representing when it comes to raising my children in Christ? Am I ready and willing to stand before God and rise to a [...]

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9 Facts on Fathering in the United States


9 facts on fathering in the United States The following research and statistics on families and fathers in the United States were produced by Fatherhood CoMission’s Research Scholar, who is researching and compiling updated fatherhood and family-related research for us to help serve our partners in fatherhood and family leadership. [...]

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Just the Facts: Helpful Fatherhood Statistics for Your Reference


Just the facts: fatherhood statistics for your use. Use these fatherhood statistics in videos, speeches, and research as you wish. The following stats are from various references. We will add images as we can going forward. We hope this will be a spot for you to find various stats to help you promote the [...]

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Courageous Movie Resources


On this page, you'll find Courageous movie resources to use as you see fit. Honor begins at home. This has been the unifying theme since COURAGEOUS opened as the number four movie in the country and then later became the number one on DVD. The moviemakers' prayer is that God will continue to use [...]

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FamilyLife articles on Fatherhood


Find several helpful FamilyLife articles on fatherhood with tips from folks like Dennis Rainey and Jim Mitchell: Fanning the Flames of Faith (Dennis Rainey) Building a simple fire pit in the backyard was key in building up the spiritual condition of our children. Barbara and I have been blessed with six children. Sitting in the [...]

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