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Jerrad Lopes is a Christian author, speaker, and the founder of Dad Tired, a non-profit ministry focused on equipping men to lead their family well. He hosts the weekly Dad Tired Podcast, downloaded over 3+ million times by men from around the world. He and his wife Leila live in Portland, Oregon with their four children. Learn more about Jerrad at dadtired.com

3 Ways to Be a Better Dad at the End of the Day


  If you are a husband or a dad, you are likely exhausted. If you’re not, you should be. This stuff requires blood, sweat, and tears. And being a fully engaged husband and father should leave you feeling wiped out by the end of the day; if you’ve got energy by the time you’re going [...]

3 Ways to Be a Better Dad at the End of the Day2022-03-04T13:02:34+00:00
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