7 Marriage Myths We Need to Debunk


Though bad thinking and attitudes are not the only sources of marital problems, I believe that a majority of marital troubles can stem from distorted beliefs and perceptions about marriage in general and each other. At a minimal level, bad thinking and negative attitudes maintain bad feelings regarding your spouse [...]

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I Want to Grow Old With You: Learning How to Stay Married


“I want to grow old with you,” I said these words to my wife when I was a very young man. I was immature, energetic, impetuous and jam-packed with testosterone. Yet, I meant every word. Almost 30 years later, I still whisper the same expression from time to time, between [...]

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How to Deal With Conflict in Marriage


Conflict doesn’t mean death to your marriage. Divorce is most common when conflict is hidden or unresolved, not when it’s dealt with openly. Conflict in itself doesn’t lead to divorce.  Lack of resolution has brought divorce at worst and unhappiness at best. Conflict resolution may sound complicated, but it’s possible. [...]

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FamilyLife articles on Fatherhood


Find several helpful FamilyLife articles on fatherhood with tips from folks like Dennis Rainey and Jim Mitchell: Fanning the Flames of Faith (Dennis Rainey) Building a simple fire pit in the backyard was key in building up the spiritual condition of our children. Barbara and I have been blessed with six children. Sitting in the [...]

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