Marriage Goals: The 8-Second Kiss


  Romance is a daily goal. Sex is not. As a matter of fact, couples should intentionally share romantic words and gestures that don’t lead to the bedroom. It’s a good practice for the forever relationship of married life. Here’s the big idea. On one particular day in the not-too-distant future, sex will not be [...]

Marriage Goals: The 8-Second Kiss2022-04-01T16:14:15+00:00

A Simple Plan for a Successful Marriage


  To take your marriage to the next level or to heal a marriage that is hurting, a good place to start is with your attitude, beliefs, and expectations. Now, did you hear what I said? I said YOUR attitude, beliefs, and expectations—not your spouse’s. Let me suggest something I did to turn my marriage [...]

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3 Ways to Recover After You’ve Blown it with Your Wife


  In more than two decades of marriage, I’ve done my share of offensive, stupid, rude, and sinful things that have negatively affected my wife. I’m not proud of them. Looking back, I can see some things that I learned about how to recover from these blunders which might be helpful if you ever offend [...]

3 Ways to Recover After You’ve Blown it with Your Wife2022-02-16T19:30:00+00:00

Valentine’s Day Instructions for Dads


Dear Valentine’s Day Dad: Consider yourself warned. Don’t miss this special day. Don’t go overboard. Find a nice middle ground. And for heaven’s sake get all shopping and ordering out of the way a week before February 14. Here are your Valentine’s Day Instructions for Dads.  […]

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How To Be a Strong Dad During Tough Times


  Going through a crisis is very much like riding through a thunderstorm. While driving through the storm you are not focused on anything but the potential danger and threat of the storm. You immediately turn off the radio. You don’t have any desire to hear the news. You are not concerned about what the [...]

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8 Essential Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage


  What’s it take to have a healthy marriage? TV and moves will tell you one thing. Magazines and social media will tell you another. It’s not easy to know what makes a healthy marriage—especially in a day when most marriages end in divorce. Marriage isn’t easy. Whoever tells you it is lying. But, I’ve [...]

8 Essential Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage2021-11-23T19:02:19+00:00

10 Things about Fatherhood that Helped me be a Better Husband


Fatherhood has helped me be a better husband. Over the years, I’ve had seasons of struggle and seasons of thriving. Through it all, as I reflect, I’ve learned a lot about leading my family. Here are a few observations of things that I’ve learned by being a father that have [...]

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7 Marriage Myths We Need to Debunk


Though bad thinking and attitudes are not the only sources of marital problems, I believe that a majority of marital troubles can stem from distorted beliefs and perceptions about marriage in general and each other. At a minimal level, bad thinking and negative attitudes maintain bad feelings regarding your spouse [...]

7 Marriage Myths We Need to Debunk2022-07-05T11:56:27+00:00
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