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    Paul Lewis Cole


  • Paul Louis Cole is President of the Christian Men’s Network Worldwide and Founding Pastor of C3 Church in Dallas, Texas.  CMN is active in 138 nations, connecting over 86,000 leaders.  Paul is married to Judi Cole, a wonderful leader and talented designer.  Paul writes, speaks and travels extensively encouraging and advancing the men’s movement around the world.  He and Judi started Hope C3 Church in 1999 and in 2011 transitioned into full-time mens ministry as his son Brandon and wife Meredith accepted the role as Lead Pastors of C3 Church DFW. Paul and Judi are proud grandparents of the wonderful Reese Holsinger, Dylan Holsinger, and Cameron Holsinger, daughters and son of Pastor Niles and Lindsay Cole Holsinger.  Niles is associate pastor at Gateway Church, Grand Prairie.
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