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Manhood Training and Resources

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  • 1517

    Russell Rainey

    Executive Director

    Adventures for Life SEE PROFILE
  • 1411

    Rob Denier

    Alternatives Pregnancy Center SEE PROFILE
  • 1482

    Robert Lewis

    Founding Partner

    BetterMan SEE PROFILE
  • 1396

    Shawn Brower

    Briarwood Christian School SEE PROFILE
  • 1567

    Chris Carter

    Connections Minister

    Chris Carter SEE PROFILE
  • 1385

    Sam Black

    Covenant Eyes SEE PROFILE
  • 1498

    David Murrow


    David Murrow SEE PROFILE
  • 1474

    Onnie Kirk Jr.

    Executive Director

    Family Foundation Fund/ Intentional Fatherhood SEE PROFILE
  • 1360

    Roy Abbott

    Focal Point Ministries SEE PROFILE
  • 1570

    Bill Coibion

    Visionary, Discipler, and Speaker

    Forging Disciples SEE PROFILE
  • 1486

    Mark Lubbock


    Gulf South Men SEE PROFILE
  • 1515

    Christian Postel

    Executive Director

    HigherTrek SEE PROFILE
  • 1413

    Brian Doyle

    Founder and President

  • 1511

    Mark Perry

    Co-Founder/Executive Director

    Iron Works Men’s Ministries SEE PROFILE
  • 1424

    Jason Ellerbrook

    Jason Ellerbrook SEE PROFILE
  • 1351

    Jay Payleitner

    Speaker / Author

    Jay Payleitner SEE PROFILE
  • 1470

    Jeff Kemp

    Men's & CEO Soul Coach / Fatherhood Ambassador

    JeffKempTeam SEE PROFILE
  • 1438

    TJ Greaney

    Kids Outdoor Zone SEE PROFILE
  • 1575

    Jackson Drumgoole II


    Kingdom Builders & Drumgoole Family Enterprises SEE PROFILE
  • 1509

    Joe Pellegrino


    Legacy Minded Men SEE PROFILE
  • 1388

    Jeffrey Boatner

    Liberty University SEE PROFILE
  • 1538

    Sean & Jackie Teis


    Life Factors Fatherless Ministries SEE PROFILE
  • 1564

    Rich Bennett

    President / CEO

    Life Network SEE PROFILE
  • 1362

    Richard Albertson

    Live the Life Ministries SEE PROFILE
  • 1526

    Roy Smith


    LiveUp Resources / Knights of the 21st Century SEE PROFILE
  • 1341

    Kent Evans

    Co Founder & Ex Dir

    Manhood Journey SEE PROFILE
  • 1400

    Scott Caesar

    Men’s Discipleship Network SEE PROFILE
  • 1562

    Roy Baldwin

    Executive director

    Monadnock Christian Ministries SEE PROFILE
  • 1462

    Clair Hoover

    Executive Director

    National Coalition of Ministries to Men SEE PROFILE
  • 1558

    Steve Arterburn

    Founder and Chairman

    New Life Ministries SEE PROFILE
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