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5 Anger Warning Signs for Dads


You know the feeling: you’re driving along, having a decent day, maybe headed to lunch…and boom, the check engine light pops on in your dash. Anger as a dad works like this, doesn’t it? We have inner stuff happening all of the time—things that bother us—some we understand and some we don’t even notice.

The lights in our dash tell us something. Maybe it’s time for an oil change. Anger tells us something too. When you neglect your anger warnings, it can lead to destructive patterns that will damage your relationships, or worse, maybe even your legacy. Like blinking lights telling you something is wrong with your vehicle, noticing these five anger warnings for dads is the first step toward removing anger from your life.

5 Anger Warning Signs for Dads

1. Always Rushing

Which part of your day makes you lose your temper most frequently? Is it the morning scramble, the bedtime drama, or the after-school bickering? Wait, am I the only one who has these in my life? I can’t be alone in this.

If you find yourself seething consistently during one of these daily routines, instead of accepting these frustrations as your lot in life, ask yourself what adjustments you can make to bring more peace into these routines.

2. Constant Noise

Do you feel agitated when you come home from work and encounter a barrage of noise from the dog barking, kids playing, kids asking questions, music blaring, and your phone buzzing?

Even if the noise is not harmful, it can contribute to a sense of chaos that triggers angry outbursts.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

Remember when Saturday mornings were all about snoozing later in bed and watching cartoons? Me neither. Nowadays, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a never-ending list of yard work and household chores. You worked all week just to work all weekend.

But have you ever considered how these expectations may be contributing to your irritability? Maybe it’s time to reassess your priorities and make room for some much-needed relaxation.

4. Needless Interruption

At home, at a restaurant, in the boardroom, or as you tell your latest story – interruption can be frustrating and is a common trigger for anger. It can make you feel less significant or undervalued. For some, this can be a frequent irritation and lead to an uncontrolled anger response.

Whether you’re at home, in a restaurant, or in the boardroom, being interrupted can be infuriating. It can make you feel undervalued and insignificant, and for some, it’s a constant source of irritation that can trigger uncontrolled anger.

5. Disrespecting Space

Are you tired of constantly being used as a human jungle gym or being confined to your “man cave” in the basement? Does the sight of Legos scattered across your workspace make you see red? It’s cute for a time, but the constant climbing and takeover of space can send you berserk if left unchecked.

Every dad reaches a breaking point when personal space is invaded, but how can you prevent yourself from losing your cool about it? Try remembering most everything is only for a season. Who knows, once the kids are grown, you might wish you had Legos on the floor. I’m kidding. No one will ever wish that. But you get the idea.

Consider these five warning signs the next time you feel an angry outburst coming on.

Tired of walking around angry?

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Portions of this post originally appeared at Manhood Journey’s Blog