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December 22, 2022
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January 5, 2023

The Top 5 Fatherhood CoMission Posts of 2022


We post a blog once per week here on the Fatherhood CoMission Blog. That’s 52 posts for the year. We have lots of encouragement, tips, and tools in any given year.

We hope you have enjoyed the posts for this year. We hope you’ve found helpful guidance on being a faithful father and family leader. These are the top 5 posts for 2022 based on page views. Feel free to review them and then share them with those who follow you.

The Top 5 Posts of 2022

Post #1: 7 Roles of a Father

We see in Scripture and in the research, that because of the magnitude of his influence, the father—in one generation—will either significantly strengthen or deeply damaged almost every aspect of society through his direct impact on future generations. Every business is run by somebody who had a dad. Every ministry, every government, every church, every organization—where there’s somebody breathing—they had an earthly father.

Sadly, this power earthly fathers have isn’t always on display in our homes. We need to set these roles in front of us as goals to model for our kids. Stephen Kendrick writes about the 7 roles of a father.

7 Roles of a Father

Post #2: Responsibilities of a Father: How to Serve (and Constantly Improve)

Here are three simple questions you can use to get yourself (or the dads you serve) started on an annual assessment.

  • What are my strengths as a dad that I should keep doing?
  • What are my challenges as a dad that I should seek to improve?
  • What advice can I use that can help me double down on my strengths or address my challenges?

Christopher Brown, President of National Fatherhood Initiative, writes about the third question in this post.

Responsibilities of a Father: Know How to Serve (and Constantly Improve)

Post #3: Top 10 Facts on Fathering

Ken Canfield writes about the top ten (10) facts on fathering. Use these statistics in your writing and research.

9 Facts on Fathering in the United States

Post #4: 25 Things a Daughter Needs from Her Dad

Do you feel confident knowing what a daughter needs from her dad? Dr. Michelle Watson-Canfield did some digging for her first book. She found 25 things a daughter needs from her dad.

25 Things a Daughter Needs from Her Dad

Post #5: My Dad Has Anger Issues: Where, When, and With Whom Do You Get Angry

“My dad has anger issues.” This is what I hear in working with fathers all of the time. We must tackle this issue head-on as dad.

Brian Doyle, Founder and President of Iron Sharpens Iron, writes in this post about anger issues as a dad and talks about where, when, and with whom do you get angry?

My Dad Has Anger Issues: Where, When, and With Whom Do You Get Angry

Thank you for following our blog this year. We pray you can reveal—to a watching world—the peace, love, and joy of Christ in your fathering as we finish out 2022 and as we start 2023.