Show Me The Father

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You Saw the Movie, Now You Want More Tools.

Everyone has a unique father story. Whether positive or painful, it’s always personal and can deeply affect the core of our identity and direction of our lives. In the movie, Show Me The Father, this is brought to life in a powerful way, which is why we were so blessed to work alongside The Kendrick Brothers in the making of the film. Now, through our Fatherhood CoMission partners, we can give you access to many other resources to help you further explore the themes of the film within your home, small group or church.

The Fatherhood CoMission is comprised of more than 150 partners. These are ministries, authors, counselors and content creators who can help you in various ways. You can search through our partner database here and find someone with targeted expertise. Give it a try.


The BetterMan Journey

Created by Robert Lewis, the BetterMan 11-week experience gathers men together to explore a better masculinity; a masculinity that helps men experience a fulfilling life with work, family, friends, marriages, and their relationship with God.

Choose Greatness: 11 Wise Decisions That Brave Young Men Make

Authors Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler look at 11 important choices every young man faces, and talk through how he can choose wisely and thereby choose greatness. Full of rich wisdom, down-to-earth writing, and compassionate insight, this book is perfect for a teen to read on their own or (even better) with a mentoring adult.

The Five Languages of Apology: How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships

Just as you have a different love language, you also hear and express the words and gestures of apology in a different language. New York Times best-selling author Gary Chapman teamed with counselor Jennifer Thomas on this groundbreaking study of the way we apologize, discovering that it’s not just a matter of will – it’s a matter of how.

Survival Gear: 7 Must-Have Tools Every Dad Needs for His Journey

Being a godly father is an exhausting, challenging, thrilling, dangerous, confusing, and rewarding endeavor. It’s both a place you are – and – a journey you’re on. Survival Gear explains the seven must-have tools every godly dad needs and shares ideas for how you can sharpen your ability to use each of them.

Year 13: A Wounded Boy’s Journey to Manhood and Ministry

While wandering those streets, God placed a marker in his heart. Eventually TJ was led to a 12-step program where he began a journey out of the dark place he thought would be his legacy. It was then that Christ began to reveal to him how the broken pieces were the exact things He would use for Kingdom work in his life.

Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conferences

The mission of the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference Network is to mobilize regional ministries to resource local churches with a first class one-day equipping conference that is specifically designed for men.

Defined: Who God Says You Are

Based upon powerful insights from the scriptural book of Ephesians, and seasoned with personal stories and practical wisdom, Defined challenges you to let the One who knows you best be the One who guides your heart the most. It’s time for all of us to live in the amazing light of His acceptance, abundance, and strength.

The Resolution for Men – Bible Study

This men’s group curriculum was inspired by the document featured in the movie COURAGEOUS. The Resolution contained 12 commitments related to characteristics that all men of God want to pursue, such as responsibility, faithfulness, honor, justice, forgiveness, integrity, and courage.

The Blessing Day at Your Church

Host a Blessing Day event at your church! Provide men with the tools they need to bless others through their words. We provide you with all of the resources as you train your men in the power of the blessing and how to practically share that blessing with their children.

Father On Purpose Podcast

Being a godly dad is hard work. Challenges abound, and sometimes, we just need some ideas, encouragement, and a little laughter along the way. So, we created the Father On Purpose Podcast to have real, fun, and practical conversations about being dads. We don’t have all the answers, but together as dads, we’ll try to figure it out.

The Difference a Father Makes: Calling Out the Magnificent Destiny in Your Children

Do you desire to unleash the potential in your kids? In The Difference a Father Makes, Ed Tandy McGlasson challenges dads to excel in fatherhood and equips them to do so. Discover the potential you have as a father to make a difference in the lives of your children! Learn how you can empower your children to pursue their dreams!

NewLife Intensive Workshops

Our intensive workshops combine powerful teaching with small breakout group sessions facilitated by a credentialed New Life Network Counselor. These aren’t your typical conferences. Rather, they are weekends of connection, truth, and steps for a hope-filled future!

52 Things Sons Need from Their Dads

Perfect? No. But you’re still the right dad for your boy. Bestselling author Jay Payleitner, dad of four grown sons (and one amazing daughter), gives you a bucketful of man-friendly ideas on how build a father-and-son relationship. Good news is, you don’t have to say a lot.

Ending the Cycle of Father Wounds

Most Dads don’t intentionally hurt their children. However, even unintentional father wounds are damaging and often cause infectious results relationally down the road. Whether as a Dad, Stepdad, or Grandad, there are practical transformational steps you can take to prevent father wounds from infecting you—as well as the next generation.

Live to Forgive: Moving Forward When Those We Love Hurt Us

In Live to Forgive, former ESPN producer Jason Romano walks readers through his personal journey of forgiving his alcoholic father. Through sharing his own story, Romano invites readers to enter into their own messy journeys of forgiveness, and ultimately forgive those who caused their pain.

What All Dads Should Know

There are lots of “how to manuals” out there. But, none are quite as important, and needed, as ones on fathering. Drs. Shears and Shuler do an excellent job, through personal reflections and poignant observations, of sharing practice advice that good fathers need to be the best dads that they can be.

The Blessing: Giving the Gift of Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Children of every age long for the gift of The Blessing—the unconditional love and approval that comes from a healthy relationship with their parents. The Blessing powerfully communicates this to prepare children for positive future relationships, including their relationship with a loving God.

Let’s Talk: Conversation Starters for Dads and Daughters

I always say that your daughter didn’t come with a playbook, but I’m going to help you write one. By following this practical, action-oriented book, as a #girldad you will increase your confidence and competence as your focus becomes sharper in knowing how to be the best dialed-in dad you can be to your daughter.

So let the talking begin!

Retreats That Build Stronger Marriages

WinShape Marriage creates weekend Marriage Retreats that help couples grow closer to each other and to the Lord. Whether you’re feeling disconnected or fully present, our retreats bring you and your spouse a renewed sense of intimacy. Refresh and reconnect from the moment you arrive, and enjoy intentional time to focus on each other.

G.F. Watkins Leadership Resources

Tonight in America, one out of every three children will go to sleep in a home without their father. The severe social and spiritual consequences of fatherlessness are felt in every facet of society, including the Church. This book will give you a good idea of who Dr. Ed Cole was and of the principles of manhood that governed his life and made him the leader he was.