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Tyler Hill

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    Tyler Hill

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  • tyler.healthscan@gmail.com

  • http://xtremeoutdoorsministry.com/

  • Xtreme Outdoors Ministry Xtreme Outdoors Ministry is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2011 by a group of Christian Men dedicated to following God's word. We are using the platform to share God's gift of salvation through hunting and fishing opportunities which we have been blessed to experience and enjoy. Mission Field Our goal is to reach families with spiritual, physical, or other specific needs. These might include, but not limited to, children with handicaps or illness, children of single parent homes, children with serious or life threatening illness and children/families with limited exposure to outdoor opportunities. Mission Statement Christian based organization that provides families hunting and fishing opportunities along with spiritual influence offered through outdoor activities. Xtreme Outdoors Ministry challenges Christians to trust God, have faith, and to be obedient to reaching others, by sharing Jesus Christ and experiencing God's presence in nature! Facebook Xtreme Outdoors Ministry
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