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    Crawford Loritts


  • Crawford Loritts has recently retired from his job as Sr. Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA. He has certainly not retired from ministry, having started a new organization called Beyond Our Generation, aimed at encouraging and empowering today’s up-and-coming Christian leaders. However, now that he has stepped down from the full-time pastorate, he is able to reflect on a life spent in ministry. What he sees is a man who was trying earnestly to do what was right. What the rest of us see is a man used mightily by God to blaze trails and build bridges. Crawford says he had no overarching intentions to be a pioneer. His only aim was to do the work God set before him. “I came to Fellowship Bible Church, a 95% white church at the time, in 2005,” he explains. “I didn’t come there as an ethnic statement. I was a Black pastor pastoring a megachurch in the South—whatever. I didn’t come there for that reason. I came there to preach the Book and love the people.”
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