Discussing racism is vital given the current climate in our country. We want to offer you a free guide for helping dads discuss racism.

What an opportunity for husbands and dads to take the initiative to encourage and equip your families during this volatile time of racial tension in America. Every family can do this. Having your wife and the children’s mother present is crucial. It allows the children to see you as the family leader. Your children seeing their mother respect your leadership is priceless! Do not be a dictator, but a servant leader as you lead your family.

What you’ll find when you download the guide below is a PDF for helping dads discuss racism. You’ll learn how to lead your family through tough conversations related to race.

We cover the following things in this free guide:

  1. Setting: creating a safe place that works for your family.
  2. Prayer: how you can invite God into hte conversation and point to Him.
  3. Music: an idea for a song to use as a help to enter this conversation.
  4. Questions: you’ll find a list of questions about racial tension, faith, God’s Word regarding this issue.
  5. What the Bible says about diversity: use passages of Scripture to dig deeper into what God’s Word has to say about this issue.
  6. Think about it: a section about how you can have further discussions in the future.
  7. Get feedback: how you can end the conversation but close the loop and welcome future talks with your family.

This guide for creating courageous biblical diversity conversations was prepared by Dr. Jeffrey Shears and Dr. Clarence Shuler, board members of the Fatherhood CoMission.