Dad, you can lead your family. Use these helpful tips and tools for family devotions.

Help for leading your family devotions:

  1. Get the family ready for family devotions by getting them comfortable in the family room or around a table (drinks, snacks, and bibles encouraged).
  2. Open with humor and then take prayer requests from anyone.
  3. Lead in prayer starting with THANKS, GRATITUDE, and PRAISE FOR WHO GOD IS.
  4. Play an easy-to-sing popular worship song and sing along…guitar and piano talent welcome.
  5. Let the family know what story we will tell as a family. Pick a well-known, relevant Jesus story, parable, or Old Testament story.
  6. Invite members to tell and fill in the story.
  7. Then read the passage.
  8. Invite dialogue with questions like: “What’s it say about God, about us, about how we should live?”
  9. Share prayer requests and let people pray for other people and their concerns.
  10. Close with Prayer (and song if desired). Perhaps the Lord’s Prayer.
  11. Tell another dad and friend you are doing this. Urge him to do it and tell a friend.
  12. Pray for each other leading church at home.
  13. See some other family devotional examples.