How dads can talk to their daughters about modesty.

What can dad teach his daughter about fashion? Great question. As the founder of Pure Freedom Ministries, a ministry aimed at encouraging moms and daughters. I team up with Teresa Coelho, creator of the “Power of Modesty Fashion Shows,” to talk about teaching girls to be fashionable—and modest.

When it comes to dads and modesty, it’s likely you’ve seen that dad who wore super short shorts out in public to “teach his daughter modesty.” Funny for the rest of us. Way to go dad, right? I don’t know about the daughter though. Something was needed to prove his point, but I think intentional public humiliation is not always the best. The point being, encouraging our daughters to be modest can be a great undertaking.

Have you heard this statement? “But DAD… Everyone else is wearing it.” Don’t underestimate your influence when it comes to modesty. Your approval is extremely important to your daughter. Before you resort to the short-shorts method, go shopping with her. I realize this might not be your favorite activity, but the girls seem to respect their fathers more when we are willing to show interest and have an input in the selection process, knowing modest clothing can be very hard to find.

My hope is that by listening in on this interview, dads can glean some tips for talking with their daughters.