We need to celebrate dads!

In a culture that never celebrates dads—we should. Where can we look for good fathers? We can’t look to television for a good example. We can’t look at many places these days. However, when it comes to finding good fathers—there are some companies that get it right. There are still some brands that actually care. Below are some of the very few companies in this world that actually care about fathers and the strong portrayal we should see online, on television, and in this world.

We’re thankful for the companies whose videos are highlighted on this page. They are a shining example of encouraging fathers during our tough times. Thank you, to these brands. You know, they say you should encourage the behavior you want more of. We are here to encourage these brands in hopes that other brands will follow their lead.

Watch these hand-picked videos by the Fatherhood CoMission that celebrates fatherhood everywhere. The following videos are from various years and holidays—mostly father’s day! Watch these videos. Share these videos. Use these videos in your fatherhood work. Mostly, don’t forget to celebrate the dads in your life! These videos will help!