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March 31, 2023
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April 14, 2023

How to See God in Your Fatherhood


Are you a new dad, up to your knees in dirty diapers, baby bottles, and stained bibs, with a young wife mired in postpartum depression?

Are you the hardworking father of sprouting children, trying to build a career while also being a model parent—feigning interest at back-to-school night, scratching your head over math homework, dramatizing bedtime stories, and racing to the office-supply store before it closes for poster board and markers?

Are you the dad of a teenager tossing car keys across the kitchen, pacing the floor after missed curfews, worrying and wondering how you’re ever going to pay for college?

Never Forget: God is in the Details

New dad . . . one night you’re going to look across the room at your beautiful, exhausted wife rocking that baby and singing a sweet lullaby. In that moment, God will reveal to you the amazing gift of new life and family. That’s God.

Hardworking, busy dad . . . one evening you will look up to see one child noodling on the piano, another of your children texting a good friend, your older child finishing up some algebra homework at the kitchen table, and your wife reading in her favorite chair. God will be telling you to keep up the good work. That’s God.

Dad of teenagers . . . one day soon you’re going to have an actual adult conversation with your growing son or daughter. Their maturity, poise, and sound judgment will stun you. In that moment, God will invite you to trust in the future he has planned. That’s God.

Watch for it, Dad. Even expect it.

Let that moment send you to your knees in awe and gratitude. Surrender control of your family to God. Oh, quick reminder: you’re not in control anyway. Be broken before the Creator who promises to rebuild you and empower you to be the dad he is calling you to be.

Never forget, as much as you love your kids, God loves you even more.

Portions of this post originally appeared at Jay Payleitner’s Blog.