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Get the Formula to Be a ProFather


When I learned I’d be a dad for the first time, I was over-the-moon happy but scared. I had no clue about how to be a great dad.


Because I grew up in a father-absent home. My dad lived with me and my brother for a good part of our childhood, but he was a horrible father. He was absent emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He wasn’t home much. He worked all the time, even though he didn’t need to. He and my mom eventually got a divorce. I didn’t see him again for many years.

I resolved that, when I became a dad, I’d be different. I’d be there for my kids in all the ways a dad should be—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually present for them and their mom. The challenge was that I didn’t have a resource to turn to that could tell me how to do this.

The good news for you, my friend, is there’s a fantastic new resource called ProFathering15™ by National Fatherhood Initiative® the nation’s leading fatherhood organization. I’m president of that organization. And I’m honored to share this resource with you.

ProFathering15™can help you on the journey to be the best dad you can be. It’s for any dad. An expectant dad. A new dad. A dad who has raised children for a while. A grandad raising his grandchild. It’s also for father figures—incredible people who step into the fatherhood role when a child doesn’t have a dad in their life.

It’s also for dads who never knew their dad. It’s for dads who had a bad dad or good dad, or somewhere in between. No matter your child’s age, there’s always something new to learn about being a great dad!

ProFathering15™ is a self-paced online course that covers 15 topics that apply to any dad or father figure who wants to raise great kids. Topics like discipline, co-parenting, and fathering skills. Each topic gets to the point. No BS. No preaching. Just the facts. It’s based on evidence about what works and doesn’t work in being a great dad. And it’s an easy read that includes inspiring videos that’ll make you smile. You can complete each topic in 15 minutes or less.

One more thing. There’s not a quiz or test! You’ll get a certificate of completion at the end of the course in case you want to share it with your child, child’s mom (or your partner), or a court to show you’re focused on being a great dad.

You can learn more about ProFathering15™. Before you enroll, you can see each of the 15 topics and watch a free preview of the course that’ll give you a feel for it.

Trust me when I say, “Take this course!” It’ll make a huge difference in your life, your child’s life, and anyone else with a stake in your child’s well-being. It’s affordable. It won’t take a chunk out of your wallet. It’s way less than you’d spend on a week of coffees from Starbucks. Your kids and family are worth the small investment.

Not familiar with National Fatherhood Initiative®? Learn more about us here.