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  • Kevin Bouren is a Soldier in the Lord’s Army and served as a front-line ambassador for Christ while wearing the uniform of our Nation’s Army for more than 30 years. A native of Phoenix, AZ, he is a 1997 Graduate of West Point, commanded Soldiers in combat in Iraq, and served in numerous combat and peacekeeping operations throughout the world. Kevin is passionate about making disciples and helping them to fulfill the Great Commission. His service to the Nation and our Lord is enabled and enhanced by a thriving marriage to Adra, his lovely wife of 26+ years, who changes the world one child at a time as a homeschool mom to their four delightful children: Kayla, Brady, Annalise, & Luke. Having served on numerous movie sets, they are passionate about Christian filmmaking and building a multi-generational vision! They enjoy the outdoors and using their gifts to serve together on movie sets as they proclaim Christ to the world. In March 2023, Kevin co-founded Set Shepherds, a nonprofit ministry designed to shepherd the movie cast and crew for Christ. He’s co-produced two feature-length films: Birthright Outlaw (October 2023); and The Forge which hits theaters worldwide in August of 2024.
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