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  • In January 2016, the National Association for Grandparenting was founded. Its genesis began several years earlier when I recognized the profound influence of extended family systems on our families and culture. Having spent three decades studying, strengthening and developing initiatives to help families—mostly in the field of responsible fathering—I found myself in a new era of life: I was a grandfather. Consequently, in the summer of 2016 (July), several colleagues, including my wife Dee of forty-two years, soft-launched the National Association for Grandparenting. We started as a humble effort to amass the best practices, research and insights to help grandparents succeed in this important role—one which I believe defines some of the best chapters of their lives. One of our first public expressions of resources can be found at There will be many more to come.  We are developing a team of passionate and highly skilled people to assist us in this cause.
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