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  • G.F. Watkins is an international leader, speaker, visionary, church planter, and an author of five books. From his humble beginnings as a high school coach and then the principal of a Christian school, G.F. has went on to plant churches around the world starting with PowerHouse Church in Katy, Texas, Powerhouse Namibia on the continent of Africa, and PowerHouse Peru in South America. Man Church teaches that manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous. It is the foundation on which all of PowerHouse Churches and its covenant churches are built on. Reach the man, change the family; change the family, change the church; change the church, change the community; change the community, change the city; change the city, change the state; change the state, change the nation; change the nation, change the world. It all begins with men taking responsibility and taking their rightful place. He has authored five books including, Winning the Big One, G-Men: The Final Strategy, Take Your Place, The Alpha Male and the Women Who Get Them, and his latest book Test Me! The Malachi Mystery.
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