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Ryan Roy

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    Ryan Roy

  • 786-371-1083

  • fbidads2020@gmail.com

  • http://Fbidads.org

  • Introducing Ryan: Empowering Dads to Make a Lasting Impact on Their Children's Lives At the tender age of five, Ryan faced the heart-wrenching reality of a father who walked away. Determined to break the cycle and provide a loving and nurturing environment for his own family, Ryan embarked on a lifelong quest to become the best father he could be. His journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. But Ryan's impact extended far beyond the digital realm. Driven by an unyielding passion to create lasting change within his community, he established the immensely successful FBI Dads program. Rooted in Ryan's profound knowledge and experience, this program revolutionized the way fathers engage with their children.
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