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    Kent Evans


  • "Kent Evans is April's husband of 24+ years; a father of 5 sons; Co-Founder and Executive Director of Manhood Journey and Father On Purpose. He is the author of Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You. He's been a speaker at dozens of events aimed at Fathers, Men and Couples. He's served on several nonprofit Boards and advisory committees. Kent's 20+ year business career led him to marketing and sales leadership roles in small entrepreneurial startups and global billion-dollar enterprises. Kent helped launch Manhood Journey, a nonprofit organization that helps dads become disciple-makers. He is passionate about building into fathers and helping them be the godly leaders they're called to be. Manhood Journey is a targeted ministry that helps fathers raise godly sons. They do this through bible studies, eBooks, digital courses and events. The Manhood Journey team also created Father On Purpose. Father On Purpose is a video-based membership community that helps dads lead their families intentionally and faithfully. These resources are for dads of all ages and stages, from fathers of small daughters and sons still in the home to grandfathers pouring into the younger generations."
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