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Kent Evans is the Executive Director and co-founder of Manhood Journey, a ministry that helps fathers become disciple-makers. He’s appeared on television, radio, web outlets and podcasts. He’s spoken at parenting and men’s events. He’s authored two books. The first, Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You, was written to help men learn how to find mentors and wise counsel. The second, The Manhood Journey: Charting a Course to Biblical Fatherhood, aims to help dads not be good or great dads, but be godly ones. Learn more at or
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  Some of us grew up idolizing our dads. Trying to shave just like him. Learning his secret grilling techniques. Sure that he would have the answer to everything from baseball trivia to stock advice. We even learned how to lay under the car and go, “Hmmm?” Others of us have more complicated relationships with […]

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Walking around angry all the time? Kent Evans shares seven warning signs the next time you feel an angry outburst coming on.

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Oftentimes, we want to partner, but we seem to never get around to it. Kent Evans shares 9 ways we can partner as ministry leaders.

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  In more than two decades of marriage, I’ve done my share of offensive, stupid, rude, and sinful things that have negatively affected my wife. I’m not proud of them. Looking back, I can see some things that I learned about how to recover from these blunders which might be helpful if you ever offend […]

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