Prayer and Revival

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Prayer and Revival

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  • 1465

    Kay Horner

    Executive Director

    Awakening America Alliance – Kay Horner SEE PROFILE
  • 3381

    Dean Briggs


    Brave Quest Rite of Passage – Dean Briggs SEE PROFILE
  • 3258

    Michael Swalley

    Executive Director

    Break Free Ministries – Michael Swalley SEE PROFILE
  • 1500

    Jason Noble


    Breakthrough Ministries – Jason Noble SEE PROFILE
  • 1480

    Corey Lee


    Convergence Movement – Corey Lee SEE PROFILE
  • 1549

    GF Watkins


    GF Watkins Ministries SEE PROFILE
  • 3602

    Ray Hurst


    ILAP Coaching – Ray Hurst SEE PROFILE
  • 1424

    Jason Ellerbrook

    Executive Discipleship Pastor

    Jason Ellerbrook SEE PROFILE
  • 2157

    David Ursin


    Making Jesus Known – David Ursin SEE PROFILE
  • 2135

    Gary Frost

    Pastor / National Facilitator for Prayer

    Mission America Coalition – Gary Frost SEE PROFILE
  • 2367

    Kathy Branzell


    National Day of Prayer – Kathy Braznell SEE PROFILE
  • 2167

    Tony Suarez


    NHCLC National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference – Tony Suarez SEE PROFILE
  • 1519

    Scott Schaefer


    One Voice Leadership Academy – Scott Schaefer SEE PROFILE
  • 1390

    Keith Boggs

    Executive Director - Missionary to Men

    REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc – Keith Boggs SEE PROFILE
  • 3011

    Scott Overby

    HSE Manager & Missions Coordinator

    Scott Overby SEE PROFILE
  • 1460

    Os Hillman

    Founder and President

    TGIF Today God Is First – Os Hillman SEE PROFILE
  • 1502

    Gary J. Oliver

    Executive Director

    The Center for Healthy Relationships – Gary J Oliver SEE PROFILE
  • 2037

    Dannah Gresh


    True Girl – Dannah Gresh SEE PROFILE
  • 1451

    Ridhard Haldeman

    Men's Ministry Leader

    Trulife Men – Richard Haldeman SEE PROFILE
  • 1433

    Marc Fey


    Truth Encounter Ministries – Marc Fey SEE PROFILE
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