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  • 2428

    Dr Tim Clinton


    American Association of Christian Counselors – Tim Clinton SEE PROFILE
  • 1524

    Dr. Clarence Shuler

    President / CEO

    Building Lasting Relationships – Clarence Shuler SEE PROFILE
  • 2092

    Roland Warren

    President / CEO

    Care Net – Roland Warren SEE PROFILE
  • 2142

    Tammy & Jay Daughtry

    Tammy is the Founder / Jay is CEO

    Co-Parenting International – Jay and Tammy Daughtry SEE PROFILE
  • 2357

    Terry Langford

    Licensed Therapist

    Connecting Well Counseling – Terry and Nancy Langford SEE PROFILE
  • 1488

    Reggie Madison

    Program Director

    First Things First – Reggie Madison SEE PROFILE
  • 2398

    Daniel Huerta

    VP of Parenting and Youth

    Focus On The Family – Daniel Huerta SEE PROFILE
  • 2197

    Brad and Marilyn Rhoads


    Grace Marriage – Brad and Marilyn Rhoads SEE PROFILE
  • 1526

    Roy Smith


    K21 Knights of the 21st Century – Roy Smith SEE PROFILE
  • 2387

    Bill and Pam Farrel


    Love Wise – Bill and Pam Farrel SEE PROFILE
  • 1558

    Steve Arterburn

    Founder and Chairman

    New Life Ministries – Steve Arterburn SEE PROFILE
  • 1398

    Christopher Brown


    NFI National Fatherhood Initiative – Christopher Brown SEE PROFILE
  • 1484

    Nick Liberto

    Executive Director

    Proven Ministries – Nick Liberto SEE PROFILE
  • 1426

    Trace & Beth Embry


    Shepherds Hill Academy & License to Parent – Trace Embry SEE PROFILE
  • 1502

    Gary J. Oliver

    Executive Director

    The Center for Healthy Relationships – Gary J Oliver SEE PROFILE
  • 2144

    Julie Baumgardner

    Senior Director WinShape Marriage

    WinShape Marriage – Julie Baumgardner SEE PROFILE
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