A Tribute to Mom’s from the Fatherhood CoMission – Mom’s Magic by Mitch Temple

There are many things I remember about my mom growing up-  being in the stands at ball games, slaving over a hot stove to prepare delicious meals, keeping us close by her side during church, encouraging me to not give up, consoling me as only a mother could do when I hurt. But one thing that stands out is the way she could work a “mothers magic” during holidays and special days. Though we had little income and our home was modest, mom always found a way to “go over the top” to make these days special. Every year at Christmas she would decorate our home like a high level interior decorator using every decoration she could buy and even make out of resources around the house- old sheets, pine cones, oat meal boxes, paper towel rolls. She saved S&H green stamps all year to buy some of our gifts. She put back money she could have spent on herself, just so we could have a “big Christmas”, something she never had growing up. When I married my beautiful bride over 30 years ago my mom worked her magic again to make a wonderful wedding complete with beautiful decorations out of a budget of about $200.00.

Today, her time is no longer spent in saving and decorating to make her children’s special days special.  But her days are spent caring for my dad who is striken with severe Parkinson disease. She’s still giving and still making our family feel rich with love and grace. Thank you Mom. I honor you on this Mothers Day.