Continuing Our Tribute to Our Mothers – from the Fatherhood CoMission


This Mother’s Day tribute is from Focus on the Family’s, Roy Baldwin.


I wrote a recent blog post about my mother for Dad Matters entitled, “My Mom: Through the Highs and the Barf…” In it I describe my mother as one who was always been “all in” in my life.  My mother and father sacrificed much in raising my younger brother and I.  My parents have modeled for me the importance of having an intimate relationship with Christ.  They have shown me that putting others first is a primary calling not a secondary thought.  We were far from a perfect family…we have had our struggles and trials but in the midst of the journey my parents kept pointing to Christ.

As I raise my own family…I look back on those years and am grateful for a mother who was “all in” as a mom but more importantly as a Christ follower.


Fatherhood CoMission Pay Tribute to Their Moms

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  You can thank us later for making sure you don’t forget Mom’s day.  Over the next few days, members of the Fatherhood CoMission will share some brief tributes to their moms.


From Board Member, Brian Doyle, National Director of Iron Sharpens Iron

I can’t remember a time when I tried to see or call my Mom and she wasn’t available. She was there when I came home from school every day and wanted to hear all the details. She was there when I went away to college or started a new job. She was there when I changed jobs, sometimes when it was not my choice. She was there but with the appropriate space after getting married but with the same interest and unconditional love. She was there for my kids and became a person who was available for their phone call and visit.

In a world that values productivity and ingenuity and flash, my Mom was available to me from the early days of being her first born child to the very end. I knew where to find her and how to reach her. Her investment in being available made a mark that no other person could ever match. She has moved on to be with her Savior but I still know where she is and look forward to visiting with her again someday.