2nd Annual Fatherhood Leaders Summit Approaching

The 2nd annual Fatherhood Leaders’ Summit is coming up Dec. 4-6, 2013 at WinShape Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia.
We have invited a group of 70 key leaders and influencers to convene this coming December with the intent of laying aside individual agenda’s and logo’s to build stronger relationships, learn, dialog and pray about how we can help strengthen fathers- together. The annual summit is hosted by The Fatherhood CoMission whose mission is to simply champion fathers together through the church and in our culture. FCM was launched on the heels of the movie COURAGEOUS.
This year’s Summit guests and speakers include: Dr. John Trent- author- The Blessing, Dr. Jeff Myers (President of Summit Ministries, Co.Springs), Bill Eyster, (COO Family Life), Michael Lewis (Pastors Director for NAMB, SBC), Stephen Kendrick (Courageous Producer), Brian Doyle (Pres. Iron Sharpens Iron), Jeff Kemp (Former NFL QB), Mark Holman (Pres. Faith@Home), Ryan Dobson- (Co-host Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson ), Glenn Stanton (Researcher, Focus on the Family), Dr. Tim Clinton (Pres. American Associations of Christian Counselors), Zoro the Drummer (number 1 R&B drummer in world), Bob Waliszewski (Plugged In Movie Review), Leaders/ CEO’s from National and Regional Fathering/ Family org’s like Prison Fellowship, National Center for Fathering, Day Spring Cards, Care Net, National Fathering Initiative and other national and regional influencers. There will be sessions on Current Research regarding fathering, movies to reach dads, reaching men through technology sessions
Topics, presentations and discussion items will include: Fatherlessness in our culture- how do we tackle the issuetogether?; Current research, Trends on faithlessness and fathering; What God Says about leadership?; The Theology of Fatherhood- how to equip churches to help dads live it out; Dads passing on faith to kids, how leaders can equip; How to equip dads to bless their kids; Positive Technology and Media- how to use it to reach Dads; Guiding kids to make good entertainment choices and why important; Moral issues and problems dads/ men are struggling with; How para ministries are reaching dads and equipping leaders. There will also be an exclusive movie premier for an upcoming family film, testimonies and appearances by Entertainers, Athletes, Zoro the Drummer and Comedian Michael Jr.
Read what last year’s guests had to say about last year’s summit: “I’m still unwrapping this weekend like a kid at Christmas! It was rich!!” -Jason Ellerbrook – Men’s Ministry Leader/ LifeWay; “I’m moved by the Kingdom focus and the timing of the event. God is obviously working in and through many ministries individually and collectively to prioritize the issue of Biblical fathering”. – Mike Young, Noble Warriors; “I found brothers and sisters I never knew I had who are now my partners in encouraging, empowering, celebrating dads and the Gospel. It was a thrill and so encouraging…” -Jim Liske- CEO, Prison Fellowship; “It was very powerful. The energy and focus was fabulous! -Jeanett & Marvin Charles, Co-Founders, D.A.D.S.; “The facilities were beautiful, the staff was super helpful and the entire conference was extremely well run.” – Gregory W. Slayton, Former U.S. Ambassador.
From last year’s Summit the idea was birthed to offer a national level event designed to encourage dads around father’s day 2013. With God’s help that dream came true with dozens of organizations working together to host the Courageous Dads Simulcast in June. In spite of the short time frame for planning, the event was successful in encouraging and inspiring dads across the country to be Courageous Dads. We expect God to work through the 2013 summit in a similar way to bring about key opportunities for His leaders to work together around this issue called fatherhood.
The importance of this Summit cannot be overstated. The need is greater than ever for God’s leaders to come together and shout with one voice “dads are important!” Please begin praying now for this event as leaders are making plans to attend, presenters are preparing their presentations and logistics are being put in place to make this Summit even more impacting than last year.
Fatherhood Leadership Summit team