A Tribute to Mom’s from the Fatherhood CoMission – Mom’s Magic by Mitch Temple

There are many things I remember about my mom growing up-  being in the stands at ball games, slaving over a hot stove to prepare delicious meals, keeping us close by her side during church, encouraging me to not give up, consoling me as only a mother could do when I hurt. But one thing that stands out is the way she could work a “mothers magic” during holidays and special days. Though we had little income and our home was modest, mom always found a way to “go over the top” to make these days special. Every year at Christmas she would decorate our home like a high level interior decorator using every decoration she could buy and even make out of resources around the house- old sheets, pine cones, oat meal boxes, paper towel rolls. She saved S&H green stamps all year to buy some of our gifts. She put back money she could have spent on herself, just so we could have a “big Christmas”, something she never had growing up. When I married my beautiful bride over 30 years ago my mom worked her magic again to make a wonderful wedding complete with beautiful decorations out of a budget of about $200.00.

Today, her time is no longer spent in saving and decorating to make her children’s special days special.  But her days are spent caring for my dad who is striken with severe Parkinson disease. She’s still giving and still making our family feel rich with love and grace. Thank you Mom. I honor you on this Mothers Day.


Continuing Our Tribute to Our Mothers – from the Fatherhood CoMission


This Mother’s Day tribute is from Focus on the Family’s, Roy Baldwin.


I wrote a recent blog post about my mother for Dad Matters entitled, “My Mom: Through the Highs and the Barf…” In it I describe my mother as one who was always been “all in” in my life.  My mother and father sacrificed much in raising my younger brother and I.  My parents have modeled for me the importance of having an intimate relationship with Christ.  They have shown me that putting others first is a primary calling not a secondary thought.  We were far from a perfect family…we have had our struggles and trials but in the midst of the journey my parents kept pointing to Christ.

As I raise my own family…I look back on those years and am grateful for a mother who was “all in” as a mom but more importantly as a Christ follower.


Fatherhood CoMission Pay Tribute to Their Moms

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  You can thank us later for making sure you don’t forget Mom’s day.  Over the next few days, members of the Fatherhood CoMission will share some brief tributes to their moms.


From Board Member, Brian Doyle, National Director of Iron Sharpens Iron

I can’t remember a time when I tried to see or call my Mom and she wasn’t available. She was there when I came home from school every day and wanted to hear all the details. She was there when I went away to college or started a new job. She was there when I changed jobs, sometimes when it was not my choice. She was there but with the appropriate space after getting married but with the same interest and unconditional love. She was there for my kids and became a person who was available for their phone call and visit.

In a world that values productivity and ingenuity and flash, my Mom was available to me from the early days of being her first born child to the very end. I knew where to find her and how to reach her. Her investment in being available made a mark that no other person could ever match. She has moved on to be with her Savior but I still know where she is and look forward to visiting with her again someday.


Courageous Dads Father’s Day Simulcast Event – June 14, 2013

Courageous Dads | Fatherhood CoMission | LifewayImagine what our world could be like when Fathers are ENGAGED, EMPOWERED, and EQUIPPED to be all God intended.  What if we could all be a part of ENCOURAGING and ESTEEMING fathers toward this goal?

Well, we can…

PASTORS: Check out our FREE downloadable sermons and video clips for your Father’s Day service. Find all these resources and more at CourageousDads.com. Sign your church up to host the simulcast.

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EVERYONE: We invite you to host, attend and be a part of the Courageous Dads Simulcast, Father’s Day weekend – June 14th!  Register Here.  Come back often to CourageousDads.com for ongoing help in being a courageous dad and husband through blogs, apps, games, events, and more.

Individuals, small groups and churches who register for the simulcast will hear some of our nation’s most courageous men tell their story of what it means to be a Courageous Dad! On Friday June 14th (for times click here) you will hear from:

Thank you in advance for your support of the Courageous Dad’s Initiative!

Mitch Temple

Executive Director

The Fatherhood CoMission

Courageous Dads | Fatherhood CoMission | LifeWay | June 14, 2013